26 Jaw-Dropping Women Washing Cars (See All)

Guess who’s having fun? These girls washing cars, that’s who. Judging by they way they wield the hose, this is not their first rodeo either. Seems like the theme for this wash is white judging by the cars in the lot. We are not sure if this is a dealership or a parking lot at a restaurant, but the girls seem to have one goal in mind… getting as many white vehicles clean as possible. Who knows? I’m going to buy some spray paint though. That way I can make a color change and get in line at a moment’s notice if I have too!

It is important to get down low when washing a car. This way you get all of the dirt off that you can’t see. That’s why this pic is impressive. Usually, when you see girls washing cars, they miss the lower portion. However, this girl knows her stuff. Look how low she gets. Look again and again and again if need be. What I’m trying to say is you won’t find any dirt on this car at all. She has made sure of that. I give her two thumbs up and a date night, if she’s available. Shameless? No my friend. I’m just trying to give her a break from washing cars!