26 Jaw-Dropping Women Washing Cars (See All)

Mustangs are an American muscle car staple. This 1965 is no exception. The girl? She is probably a 1982 if we had to guess. Either way, both are stunning. Girls washing cars everywhere would be jealous of this beauty. The ‘stang has a 502, which is more than enough horsepower to get you where you need to be. The blower kit is a nice touch, and the girl has done quite a fine job cleaning this car. It practically blinds you when you look at it. Click through to see our last one. You won’t be disappointed!


Told you so didn’t I? This is one of those rare images of girls washing cars where you get to see both the front and rear of the entire situation. You have to look carefully at the picture to see what I’m talking about. After this, you will never look at compact cars, or compact anything, the same way again. This picture leaves you seeing red for a few reasons, only one of which is the front portion of the vehicle being washed. We will let you figure out what the others might be. Keep studying the picture and I’m sure they will start to appear.