26 Jaw-Dropping Women Washing Cars (See All)


Chrysler has always made a good looking car. However, get a group of girls washing cars together and toss in a Chrysler Crossfire and you have a situation on your hands. Look at our stunning subject to see what I’m talking about. She is beautiful in most every way, and the girl washing the car isn’t too bad either (see what I did there?). This is not her first tie holding a hose for sure. When she is finished, that Chrysler will be clean enough to eat off of. If it is, I would like to bring her along as my date. Do you think that would be okay?

You can ‘t have a list of girls washing cars without including a Mini Cooper. They are fun, fast, and surprisingly roomy. In fact, that was what they set out to do when they made the Mini-Cooper. If you recall, they made their debut about a year and a half before Smart Cars began to populate the market like field mice. The Mini was able to hold on to market share because they were a much superior vehicle. They had more room, more power, and looked a million times better. That’s why they are still able to command such a high price, even in today’s flat auto market. As for the girls, well ther is nothing flat about them. Enjoy!