26 Jaw-Dropping Women Washing Cars (See All)

Looks like this group of girls washing cars got together and had a lot of fun. They washed everything from Ford Explorers to Mercedes. Our only regret is that we could not be there to fully participate, especially with the one smiling up front. We read her shirt several times and still can’t tell what it says. Read it for us and see if you can. We also had trouble finding a Mercedes decal to identify the car, but we finally spotted one. Just “read between the lines” and you should have no problem finding it at all. You can thank us later.


Well it looks like they had a great time at Twin Peaks Coffee shop with this group of girls washing cars. I’m sure the Toyota had fun too. Heck, if I were one of the top rated foreign imports getting washed by an attractive groups of girls at a local coffee shop, I would get dirty as often as possible. No matter that I am a Corolla, I would drive around like a RAV4, Highlander or 4Runner and push my limits. Wit hall that mud ad dirt, it would take a long time for those beautiful ladies to get me clean. All those hands on my hood, wow! I don’t need coffee to perk up now!