26 Jaw-Dropping Women Washing Cars (See All)

Ford has a long storied history. However, put a girl in front of an old Lincoln and you get an even more storied history. Check out this pic to see what I’m talking about. There are two something specials here. The first is the car, and the second is the girl standing in front of it. She looks quite stunning in her heels and dress. And while she might be overdressed for washing a classic American car, she is still one of the hottest girls washing cars we have ever seen. The black on black theme sets the entire scene off perfectly. Taking it all in, we couldn’t be happier!

What could be better than girls washing cars? How about a girl washing a Hummer! Here she is in all of her glory, well almost. We have a swimsuit to help us keep a little mystery alive. Thankfully, there is not much of it. However, the same can no be said for the Hummer. Originally developed for military use, they are now a mainstay on the American consumer vehicle market. If you have a terrain issue, a Hummer will make it null and void. It’s why they have a solid customer base. The girl? Well, she is just a bonus. Someone has to wash them when they get dirty, right?