26 Jaw-Dropping Women Washing Cars (See All)

What do you do when you need a break from seeing girls washing cars? You watch a girl wash a truck. Particularly, you watch a beautiful girl in a bikini wash a lifted Chevy pick up. Yeah, that should fit the bill. It makes sense too. A good lift kit means the owner of this truck had more than a few off road/mudding adventures in mind. Good thing he has his hot girlfriend to wash her off when he is finished. Wait, that could be regarded as sexist. It’s possible she owns the truck and knows how to lock in the 4×4 feature like a pro. Either way, this picture speaks to us in many ways. Click on for the next inspiring scene.

Here is another Chevy getting a bath from a beautiful girl. And while it is not lifted like the last one, it is no less epic. Chevy is known as an American manufacturing tradition. Many girls washing cars have had a Chevy as their first vehicle to wash. The safety, reliability and durability of the Chevrolet brand are hard to beat. In fact, they are second to none. It’s why they continue to win award after award every year from companies like J.D. Power and Associates. Guys love them because they attract girls that look like the one you see here!


Take a group of girls washing cars and ask them if the would like to wash a Jeep. You are bound to get a few who would jump at the chance. Looks like this guy lucked up. He scored two cow girls in bathing suits to help get his Renegade clean. Jeep is known for building quality off roading vehicles. Their line from the Wrangler to the Sahara is designed to make terrain navigation a non-issue. They get really dirty though as a result, When that happens just do what our friend did here. Ask two hot girls to help get it clean. You just might luck up!