26 Jaw-Dropping Women Washing Cars (See All)

If you ever see girls washing cars and you drive a vehicle with a spoiler, like a Corvette, Dodge Viper or Eclipse, pull over! Look at this picture! You don’t want to miss an opportunity like that now. These two beautiful ladies look like they know their way around a water hose. They also look like they are paying attention to the rear end of that car very well. Don’t pass up talent like this my friend. You car needs this kind of attention. It desperately needs this kind of attention! It’s good for you too. You can watch and take lessons. You just might learn something.

They don’t get much hotter when it comes to girls washing cars then it does with this picture. She looks absolutely amazing! The high heels and black bikini just set the whole low rider off perfectly. Speaking of, the low rider looks pretty spiffy, at least what we can see of it anyway. The polish job on the body and the shiny chrome rims are a textbook example of what a low rider should be. Put your favorite flannel shirt on, Dickies jeans, and put the girl inside… and you could film your own music video. Hey, a guy can dream, right?