26 Jaw-Dropping Women Washing Cars (See All)

Here is another scene that is pure magic. Look at these two girls washing cars. They switched over to bathe a truck and it looks like they really know what they are doing! One has the front under control, while the other is reaching high for the windows. It’s a two girl job for sure. Modified trucks are an animal all to themselves after all. You can add custom window shades, chrome mirrors and tailor made exhaust. Add a lift kit and custom carbs and you have a beast on your hands. Only the most adept can clean and tame these beasts. In other words, find girls like these!


Okay so what can we say about this picture of girls washing cars? There is so much. For starters, we can say this is a girl, not girls, washing a car. She has two very important assets…her hands. She uses them to wash and wax this beauty until it has a nice, round glow. As for they yep of car, well who’s to say? It might not even be a car at all. Could be a van, truck or station wagon for all we know. The only regret we have is that it is not ours! Keep clicking for more pics of girls washing vehicles that unfortunately don’t belong to you!

Here we have another picture of three beautiful girls washing cars that do not belong to you. It’s a shame, I know. They all look great, however. A ten out of ten on any given day. And by that I mean the cars and the girls. There is nothing like getting your car cleaned. It makes you feel like you have accomplished about as much as when you change the oil or switch out your spark plugs. Its an accomplishment sort of thing. Clean cars are happy cars. Girls cleaning cars make happy guys. Enough said? We think so too.