3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Apple Watch Now

The Apple Watch is coming out this April 24th and if you are thinking about purchasing one, you may want to think again. Besides many new features and apps, plus the unique and beautiful designs, the watch from the “Tech Giant” might not actually be worth the price. In this article, let’s find out the top reasons why you should think twice before deciding to get this brand new product from Apple.

The first reason and also the biggest complaint that many people have as well, is price. Believe it or not, the Apple Watch is nearly double the cost of every smart watch out there, which is not easily acceptable as many other smart watch brands on the market are really work and they work extremely well, like Samsung, LG, Sony. The Apple Watch starts off at $350, and that will only get you the sport model at the 38 mm watch size, but if you’re not happy with the aluminum construction on this model, your next option is going to be the stainless steel version. This will cost you anything from $549. However, if you really want to go fancy with your watch then the only other option is the 18 karat gold version, which has quite a price tag: $10,000 at the minimum!

The next big reason you shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch is battery life. It’s only rated as a day’s worth of battery life, which means you’ll probably have to charge it every night, and when you travel you might want to pick another charger with you – which is not so convenient… People using their smart watches heavily can probably kill the Apple Watch in just around 4 – 5 hours! Not to mention that a lot of other smart watches out there, like the Android Wear line gets at least 2 days with that use!

Finally, remember that these are the first Apple Watches that have ever been created and like any other products they are going to have some flaw at least, although maybe overtime they will fix the flaws and make it a better product. So before going out there and spend a few hundred dollars on an Apple Watch, you might want to wait for the second model.

So that’s why you shouldn’t purchase the Apple Watch now. Even though the watch might look quite stunning and have some very amazing features, it’s still a bit too expensive and has a very short battery life, compared to many other smart watches in the market. May be you just like to buy the watch because it’s from Apple, but if you’re really looking for a top-notch smart watch which has excellent features and acceptable battery as well as a moderate price then the brand new Apple Watch might not be the right choice!

image source – wired.co.uk