5 Sex Mistakes to Avoid Making Immediately

Safe sex is good for you and your partner. Making any mistakes while in the sex can interfere with your health and also lower the good experience. The following are the 5 sex mistakes to stop making immediately.

  1. Selfishness

Sometimes it is better to be selfish by consider yourself first, but while on bed this should not happen. How you act on the bed will portray your full personality. If for example you happen to be a giver in life, you will also be a good giver with sex. In addition, nobody will like a taker either in life or in the bedroom. It is better to give other than receive and giving away will inspire your partner to give back some more.

  1. Not having safe sex

Safety should always be your first consideration and mostly when it means getting down and dirty. You will have to remain safe as possible. Before engaging in that sex consider asking yourself whether you will have adequate protection. Always you should be prepared. Consider carrying a condom. This will provide you with protection against STDs and also reduce your fear or chances of getting pregnant.

  1. Not setting a good environment

In the world of sex, a good environment is important. No lady would ever want to make love while hearing some quarreling in the background. Also ensure that you and your partner are in a good mood. To do this, you will not need to purchase a bunch of petals. A little candle and some good music will work well.

  1. Talk much

On a date good conversation is a must. But while having sex this should not happen. A little dirty talk may be good, but not having a long conversation. A person needs to be in sex wholly without talking or even thinking. You may be a good person in talking, but if you notice that your partner is not responding, take it as a sign to end your talk. On the other hand being too quiet in the room is awkward. You can awaken the silence with a little moan or use the vocal chords to do the talking to ascertain your lover that you are into it. While in the sex you should speak up and say what you want. Never consider your partner to be a mind reader and say what you like and both of you will be happy.

  1. Forgetting the foreplay

Foreplay is important as it will transform the good sex into something great. It is also important as it will get things on. Traditionally foreplay was something that any man had to begin with to get his girl ready for a steamy sexual intercourse. But today the foreplay is a very important part of the love making process. Some times impromptu sexual encounters can be great, but most ladies will agree that adequate preparation comes with foreplay. A more attentive form of foreplay can bring more pleasure to you and your partner and this makes the lovemaking a great experience.

With age a couple needs an more spice to get more aroused and achieve the maximum desired pleasure. The man can prolong the foreplay in order to get an erection while the woman needs the same for lubrication. Most of the sex experts will state that there is nothing like spending more time on foreplay. Foreplay includes a range of activities like kissing, undressing, hugging, fondling and petting. Most women will need foreplay for them to reach an orgasm easily.

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