8 Inspiring Advices Coming From Your Childhood’s Favorite Cartoon Characters

Millennials know where this is going! In this post, we’ll revive The Flash, Sponge Bob, Snow White, Stitch, and many other cartoon characters, and bring to you their life philosophy.

Let’s be honest! We’ve all watched cartoons when young and innocent. And we’ve at least once imagined how it would be to live in the world of our favorite cartoons.

But now you’re a grown-up thinking that cartoons are for children. What if we told you that you’re wrong? What if we told you that your childhood’s favorite cartoon characters were the epitome of wisdom and benevolence?

Intrigued already? You should be, because now you’ll have to take a look at your childhood’s favorite cartoon characters from a different perspective.

Seize what they want to tell you.


Snow White


“The Path of Enlightenment Leads Through Purification of the soul”

In order to become enlightened and get access to life’s wisdom, you have to purify your mind of all negative thoughts, feelings and overcome the barrier between the physical and the spiritual realms.


The Flash


“You Are The Master of your own Destiny”

You are the only human being that can decide who you want to be and what you want to be. And it is you who can design your life the way you want. There’s no one responsible for your life, but you!