Beloved British Author Terry Pratchett Dies at the Aged of 66

Beloved British Author Terry Pratchett Dies at the Aged of 66, after eight years since he was diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease. His death has shocked the world especially after his achievement in the writing career. While still alive, he wrote over 70 books during and completed the final book in the last summer. This shows perfect was in which the legend transformed the lives of many in within the world.

Many people will remember Sir Terry Pratchett of his great skills, constant invention and enormous humour for those people who will continue to read his books. After being in the career for over 40 years, Sir Terry Pratchett will leave marks on his contributions in within the world.

Reports has claimed that Sir Terry Pratchett struggled with the Alzheimer’s disease for many years that finally claimed his life at the age of 66. In the year 2007, he has stroke that has a negative impact on his death. These inventions had serious effects on his life leading to serious medical complications hence after into the life. Many would say that he contributed positive results in his life thus making him one of the successful people in within the publication industry.

After his death, Twitter went viral while people sending their messages of condolences to the families and friends of Sir Terry Pratchett for the loss they have had after the incidence. Many of the world leaders have expressed their sadness after the world lost one of the sharpest minds especially in the literature industry. However, people will have over 70 books of Sir Terry Pratchett to remember his contributions in the whole world.

As the world celebrates the death of Sir Terry Pratchett, people should remember his tremendous contributions in the literature world even after being send to go and rest in the second world.

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