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    Living with Herpes and Coping with The Social Stigma

    Why has herpes been such a taboo subject? With so many other similar viral infections in this world, why has herpes been singled out? Here we discuss some tips on dealing with the social stigma. Genital Herpes: The Public Taboo Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of people will contract Herpes every year, a […] More

  • how to ask a guy out

    How To Ask A Guy Out

    Traditionally, men are usually the ones who ask women out on a date. However, the 21st century has witnessed a reversal of roles in this sector, as women are now asking men out, much to the advantage of the men in question. However, unlike men who always have the courage to ask women out, women […] More

  • How to Ask a Girl Out

    How to Ask a Girl Out?

    Going Out With The Drama Queen We all love to have someone we can spend time with especially one of the opposite sex. Beautiful girls are in the street, and many men wish they can take them out. Most of the men fear being rejected, and hence they end up not even trying. Here are the […] More

  • how to lose a guy within 10 days

    How to Lose a Guy Within 10 Days

    The Easiest Steps To Kiss Goodbye That Boring Guy To Loneliness Sometimes women get stressed up on how to lose a guy, some want to do it directly and others indirectly and for that reason here are some steps on how to completely lose a boring guy or just some sure ways on how to […] More

  • Sex Mistakes to Avoid Making Immediately

    5 Sex Mistakes to Avoid Making Immediately

    Safe sex is good for you and your partner. Making any mistakes while in the sex can interfere with your health and also lower the good experience. The following are the 5 sex mistakes to stop making immediately. Selfishness Sometimes it is better to be selfish by consider yourself first, but while on bed this […] More

  • What is the Importance of Sex

    What is the Importance of Sex?

    Boost immunity People who mostly engage in sex have high immunity. Researchers in Wilkes University found that those students who had sex at least twice or thrice in a week had a higher level of immunity compared to these students who had no or less sex. Improves women’s bladder control To avoid inconsistency, a strong […] More