10 Uncensored Funny Jokes For Adults That Are Hilarious

A little humor is always good. These silly uncensored and funny jokes for adults are just hilarious. You would love them.

Sex and relationships have always been an elusive issue in all societies. Sometimes controversial, other times fun, mischief is a resource widely used in humor, especially in jokes.

Who does not know or has told a story risen? Most likely, most, that’s why comedians always have a recharged battery of jokes for adults.

Obviously, we are not going to get out of the editorial molds, but we are going to add some spice to your routine so that you have some resources and condiments to brighten up a party or a meeting with friends.

Urgent message

A man is watching television, when suddenly he gives a desperate shout: “Nooooo, do not enter that church, IMBÉCIL”.
The woman who was in the kitchen comes running immediately and asks scared: “Love, what’s up, what are you watching?”
“The video of our wedding.”

funny jokes for adults

Divorce and fidelity

A woman tells her friend that she will be separated from her husband.
Faced with such a situation, the friend asks: “What is the reason why you want to separate?”
And without hesitation, the woman replied: “Because he treats me like a real dog”
“But what do you say? Does it mistreat you? Does it hit you? ”
“ No, he wants to be faithful all his life! ”

Family business

A policeman detains a prostitute who was trying to work in the street
“Hasn’t she thought about what her mother would say if she knew what she is doing here on the street?”
To which the woman replied: “Hit me, no doubt, because this is your corner ”

Unfaithful but honest

A husband is late home, tired of working so much. His wife sleeps. He sits on the bed and puts his shoes on the floor. Right there he realizes that there is a man hiding under the bed.
“But what is this guy doing under the bed?”
To which the woman opens one eye and replies: “Under the bed I don’t know, but above it does wonders.”

Freshly hunted

A couple celebrates their wedding and they are ready to spend their first night together. When they are in bed, the woman says, “Love, I’m very sorry, but I must confess that I don’t know how to do anything at all.”
The boyfriend, all canchero and with an air of superiority, responds: “Do not worry my love, lie down and I will guide you”.
She immediately replies: “No, no, no. If in bed I know how to do everything, what I don’t know how to do is iron, cook and clean ”

Inexperienced friend

A friend asks another: “Do you always make love with a condom?”
“Yes, I always do it with a condom, but sometimes I would rather do it with a woman”

Better not even talk

A young man meets a girl in a bar and asks: “In what school did you study?”
The woman answers without hesitation: “In the Sacred Heart of the Redeeming Christ and the Blessed Immaculate Conception.”
To which the guy immediately gets up and leaves: “Then to make love before marriage, not to speak.”

Question of severity

Two grandparents are talking about sex sitting in a square, when one says to each other “hey Juan, do you use a condom to make love?” To which his interlocutor replies angrily: “How do you think of it? things are no longer to add additional weight ”

Trick question

A man talks animatedly with his wife: “I bet you are not able to tell me something that makes me happy and sad at the same time.” Immediately the woman replies: “Love, from your group of friends, you are the best lover.”


A couple makes love, but the man stops and says to his wife: “Love, I would like you to complain a little more when we had sex.” To which the woman responds, “Well, if that’s what you want. The children drive me crazy, your mother is unbearable, it loads me that you are late on Fridays, I don’t have clothes to wear, my friends are the worst and I don’t like you looking at the neighbor’s legs. ”