Horrifying Photos Taken Seconds Before Death

A Deadly Jump

In 2014, 20-year-old Maqsood Khan, who may have been suffering from a mental condition, jumped over the enclosure to the white tiger den at the New Delhi zoo in India.  For 15 horrifying minutes the tiger sat and glared at the young man who appeared to be praying.  When bystanders started throwing rocks at the tiger to distract it, the animal attacked poor Maqsood, dragging him around the enclosure and finally killing him.  It took more than two hours for officials to corral the animal into a cage before they could recover the body.

After the incident there was debate as to whether Maqsood jumped into the enclosure or fell while losing his balance as he stood on the edge of the tiger’s barrier. Either way, it was a deadly decision for Maqsood.