Horrifying Photos Taken Seconds Before Death

Horrifying Leopard Attack

In July 2012 this leopard escaped the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal and terrorized the nearby village of Limbu.  A full scale operation was assembled to track down the leopard and apprehend it before it could kill or maim innocent bystanders. This photo shows the moment right after one of the forest guards threw a stone into the bushes where the leopard was believed to be hiding.  Suddenly, the leopard let out a deafening roar and lunged at a passing guard who unwisely had his back turned to the wild animal.

The leopard pummeled the guard to the ground and then lunged at another guard before disappearing into the trees once again. It took another 3 excruciating hours before the leopard was finally tracked down and subdued. While the guard who was attacked managed to survive, the leopard did not.