How to Apply Eyeliner?

Using eyeliner can create a very big difference in your look. It is a basic makeup application that accentuates your lashes and gives shape to your eye. But the elegancy of applying eyeliner only comes out great if one has perfected the art of application.

Applying eyeliner usually needs a bit of experimentation before one can master the art. Let us have a look at the steps used in applying eyeliner.

Choose the Perfect Eyeliner

The beauty of using eyeliner is that it adds depth to your lashes making them appear thicker. For best results you are required to choose the right shed of color. If you have brown hair you might want to consider using brown eyeliner for an everyday wear. On the other hand if you have very dark hair, consider using black eyeliner on a regular basis.

Determine the Look You Want to Go For

The second thing you need to do when applying eyeliner, is to choose the look you want to achieve. Do you want a thick or thin line? But always remember the general rule of application which states that; the intensity and thickness of your eyeliner should correlate with the size of your eyelid. If your eyelid area is larger, then you need to create a thick and soft eye line. On the other hand if your eyelid area is small go for a thinner and more intense liner.

Applying the Liner

Most artists usually recommend dotting of eyeliner along base followed by connecting of dots. This allows one to create a perfect line. If you have confidence in the steadiness of your hands then you can use one fluid stroke.

Smudge Eyeliner

This is done in the end after applying your eyeliner. Smudging your eyeliner creates a smoky, blurred look. You can use your finger to create a smudge just on the upper lash. This effect is only used on the upper lash and applying it in the lower lash makes one look tacky.