How To Ask A Guy Out

Traditionally, men are usually the ones who ask women out on a date. However, the 21st century has witnessed a reversal of roles in this sector, as women are now asking men out, much to the advantage of the men in question. However, unlike men who always have the courage to ask women out, women need to take the following steps if they are to confidently and successfully ask a guy out.

  1. Prepare adequately. Preparation is the most crucial step in asking a guy out. You need to start preparing early in advance, so that you can consider all the factors that will make it easy for you to ask your crush out. Flirt with him by sending signals that will prepare him psychologically, and that will give him a hint of what you are preparing to do. Having a date in mid will add color to the already good package.
  2. Choose an appropriate venue. The venue will also matter. It is advisable to choose a casual and relaxing venue so that you can make your request.
  3. Be at your best when you go to meet him. Having chosen the venue, what follows is the actual day of asking him out. On this day, be in your best outfit: the outfit that brings the best out of you. This will boost your confidence.
  4. Just pop the question confidently. When time comes to ask the question, just ask: don’t hesitate. Be calm and ask him out in a simple sentence. You can just ask him, “Are you busy this afternoon?”
  5. Accept the answer gracefully. If the answer is “yes”, your mission is accomplished. If it is “No”, just smile and be confident that his will accept it one day.

Men like it when women ask them out because they no longer have to do it themselves. However, asking a guy out could be a bit tricky for women. However, with the right mindset, one can make it, whether it is through a phone call, a text message or a written request.