How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation?

Letter of recommendation is important statement supporting the person who is applying for a job, internship, volunteer, development or higher education. Letter of recommendation is a statement that is given by your teacher which includes your strengths, skills, achievements, etc., and this supports your request for a program of scholarships or graduate school.

How to ask for a letter of recommendation?

  • The most important factor is how well do you know this person? Have you spent enough time around that person for them to know you and know how you act under pressure? Specifically, these are the qualities you possess that lend themselves to the field you are trying to study. The person seeking higher education as a social worker does not want someone who is going to write a letter indicating that you are “very analytical and effective.”
  • While requesting a letter of recommendation, it is necessary to have the conversation with the person, it can be direct or indirect. Direct approach is when you meet in person and indirect approach is via email or text. Since it is you who needs the favor for your job or an exchange, it is recommended to meet in person rather than sending an email.
  • Once you have chosen the people you are going to ask the letters personally approaching or phone, you ask this person employed to do something for you, the least you can do is leave a voice message for her and explain you were hoping to get a letter of recommendation.

When someone responds with a finished letter of recommendation it is a good idea to send a small thank you card, by regular mail stating that you appreciate their time and letter of recommendation. If you are approved for the position you are applying for you should also update the individual approval and thank them again. This only applies to situations where you have been approved.

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