How to Delete Facebook Fan Page?

The Quickest Way on How to Delete Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page is one of the most utilized features of this social media. People who want to bring their fans together where they can interact freely can take advantage of the feature. It is mainly used by celebrities who have a large following and businesses that are trying to reach out to the online community so as to sell their brand. There comes a time when the goal of your facebook fan page may have been met or it didn’t work hence you may have to remove that fan page. Do you know anything about how to delete facebook fan page the easy way? Facebook does have other features related to fan page like groups thus bringing about the confusion when it comes to pulling it down. No need to worry because you are going to learn today how to do it fast.

Are You the Admin?

To delete a facebook fan page, you must be one of the admins of that page. If you are the one then the following step by step procedure will guide you –

  1. There is an option at the top of the page labeled “Setting”. Click on it.
  2. When you click setting, the next prompt is to click “Remove Page” option.
  3. After clicking remove page option, a prompt screen will pop up asking you whether you are sure if you want to delete the page or not. If it happens that you don’t see this option, it directly implies that you are not the admin of that fan page.

By now, you have learned how to delete facebook fan page the easy way without any hassle. Whenever you have any issue with your facebook account like you want to edit your profile, you just need to click on setting where you will find various options to do several tasks.