How to Download YouTube Videos?

Top 3 Tool of Downloading YouTube videos

You have found an interesting video on YouTube that you would like to save on your computer. There are several tools at your disposal for converting and downloading YouTube videos. Here are the top three:

  1. ClipGrab – First, you need to download and install ClipGrab; it is freely available for Linux, Mac and Windows. After successfully installing ClipGrab, copy the address of the video you want to download by typing ctrl-c and paste it on the ClipGrab window. ClipGrab gathers all the necessary information and downloads the video. Before clicking download, you can select the quality and video format as well as choose a file name to save the download.
  1. Using KIBase – KIBase requires you to open the YouTube video that you want to download then copy the source code by right clicking the video and select the ‘view page source’ then copy it. Visit and click YouTube downloader option. Paste the source code in the text box by right clicking in the text box then selecting paste. Now you can submit the code and wait for the download to finish. Once it is finished, you can save the video in a folder of your choice.
  1. Using Download Helper for Firefox – This option is only available for Firefox users. First, install the DownloadHelper extension by clicking the Firefox menu button, then Add-ons and then Get Add-ons. Search for DownloadHelper and click install. You will have to restart Firefox to finish the installation. After successful installation, open the video that you want to download and then click on the downloadHelper on the top right corner and select the format. If you are downloading the video to watch through the phone, you can choose the mobile format but if you intend to watch on the computer, then choose the format labelled 720P or 1080P. This is the highest quality option.

Downloadhelper allows you to convert a file so that it can work with a specific device by selecting download and convert then select the device from the available options in the menu. You can also click quick download if you wish to download the video without any conversion.