How to Eat a Star Fruit? (5 Easy Steps Explained)

Before using star fruit to eat, you need to learn how to eat a star fruit first! Unlike other common known fruits, star fruit or carambola as it is also known needs to be eaten in a special way.

It is always eaten raw or as a garnish.

how to eat star fruit

One of the best foods to eat that will improve your health are fruits.

There are a wide range of fruits with each having its rich nutrients and the right way of eating it.

Have you heard or eat a star fruit?

The fruit is considered to have originated from Malaysia and South East Asia. It can also be found in Hawaii and Florida.

Before you can learn how to eat star fruit you first need to identify the ripe from the unripe. All in all, here are the basic steps needed to take when eating star fruit or carambola.

  1. You need to check the color and firmness of the carambola to know if its ripe. The ripe one is that which is yellow in color and it will have some edges that are brown.
  2. Fruits need to be clean before you can eat and star fruit is no exception. Use warm water to wipe out any dirt on it and later on rinse with a clean soft cloth.
  3. Your home obviously has a chopping board and the next step will be to place the carambola horizontally on that clean chopping board.
  4. You now need to get rid of the fruit’s end using a sharp knife. These two parts need to be discarded as they are not edible.
  5. Now you are remaining with a whole star fruit which you are not supposed to eat it that way. Use your knife to cut the fruit into various slices based on your own choice of size. Each piece should now look like a star.
star fruit

If the outer side of the slices are waxy, your knife can be used to scrub them out. Seeds will also need to be popped out with a knife. Enjoy your delicious star fruit.

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