How to Lose a Guy Within 10 Days

The Easiest Steps To Kiss Goodbye That Boring Guy To Loneliness

Sometimes women get stressed up on how to lose a guy, some want to do it directly and others indirectly and for that reason here are some steps on how to completely lose a boring guy or just some sure ways on how to eliminate that sucking guy:

Avoid words like “I love you,please and thank you”.

If for example he buys you some expensive presents do not appreciate,just take it and look at it and divert the conversation to other topic even if he buys you a jet,or when a man says to you “I love you” do not dare say I love you too,just say “okey”

Have excuses and do not apologize.

When you do something wrong to him do not in any way apologize to him,words like sorry should not exist if you really want to lose him,also have an excuse to everything .

Making him unstable daily.

The only way for you to make him unstable is to try to pick some small fights whenever you are together and make him to be the cause of the fights,remind him of his past mistakes through those fights and end up making the cause of every fight you have.

Avoid his emails,phone calls and short messages like a plaque.

Periodically try to avoid any contact with him and do not always call him and ask his whereabouts,and most important is when you meet do not explain why did not reply to his emails and why you didn’t pick his calls,just stay as if he didn’t even call you.

Flirt with other men in his presence.

When you are out together do not give him any attention,just have fun with other people In front of him,ensure that you do not have time for him.

Embarrass him on public.

Make sure that you tell him how badly he has dressed in front of his friends,demand things that he doesn’t have at the moment when you are in public places,just be vocal about things that you dislike about him .

If you follow this steps be sure to rid him before ten days elapses.