How To Make Fried Rice?

How To Make Yourself The Tastiest Fried Rice

Probably one of the greatest home cooked meals is fried rice. Fried rice is terrific since it is relatively easy to prepare, quick and the variety and style you can make is entirely up to you. Some people argue over how to make fried rice, however there are some basic ingredients you need to complete any recipe. Before you begin, you will of course want to get some white rice (of any variety), assorted meats and vegetables, eggs, soy sauce, and of course, oil.

Firstly, you are going to need to steam your rice before you fry it. Cook the rice in either a rice cooker or a pot until it is nice and soft. While the rice is cooking, get your other ingredients prepared. Cut the meat into small pieces on your cutting board and make sure that each piece is “bite size”. Once your meat is prepared, chop up your vegetables into equally small pieces. Feel free to use any vegetables you prefer, although carrots, onions and kale are known to be great for fried rice. For the egg, it is generally a good idea to break them into a small dish and mix until the color is yellow. Set your ingredients off to the side.

Now it is time to heat up your skillet. Preheat the skillet and add as much or as little oil as you prefer. Once the skillet is at the right temperature, you will want to add the meat and vegetables.

When the meat and vegetables are properly cooked, throw in your rice and stir while adding the soy sauce. The rice will cook very quickly, so this is a good time to add your eggs to the mixture.

When you have noticed that the soy sauce has evenly mixed with the rice and the egg is thoroughly cooked, you can now put the rice into a bowl or a plate. Let the fried rice cool for a bit and you are ready to eat! Since fried rice is somewhat of a world food, you can add other ingredients to this recipe to give it a more unique flavor.