How to Transfer Contacts from One iPhone to Another

Fast and Easy transfer of Contacts From One iPhone to Another

The shifting from iPhone six to iPhone six plus or any other older version of iPhone will definitely require you to transfer your contacts from you old iPhone to your new one. However this is not the only reason as to why it might become necessary to transfer contacts. Another reason that could call for immediate transfer of contacts is where the your contacts are corrupted during syncing of your phone. Contacts transfer from one iPhone to another has been much easier and faster through the use of iCloud or iTune.

How to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another using iCloud

Step 1: Connecting the first iPhone to a power source is essential since backing up contacts drains the iPhone battery quite fast. Choose a Wi-Fi network within range and connect to it.

Step 2: Tap on the setting icon of the first iPhone and check to see if the contacts toggle is off. Turn it on if it was off.

Step 3: Scroll at the bottom of the same page where you will see storage and backup, tap on it to see the options then tap on the iCloud backup to turn it on. Tap on the back up now button

Step 4: Concentrate on the status of the backup until it is complete.

Step 5: Switch on the second iPhone an set it up with the help of the setup assistant.

Step 6: Choose the restore from iCloud backup and log in with the same Apple ID used in the first phone.

And you are good to go, your contacts will be downloaded immediately to the second iPhone via iCloud.

How to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another using iTune

Note that iTune does not allow the transfer of contacts from one iPhone to another but rather allows transferring of contacts from the first iPhone to a computer then sync the contacts from the computer to the second iPhone.

Step 1: If iTune is not in the computer, then the latest version of iTune has to be downloaded first and installed.

Step 2: Connect the first iPhone to the computer with the aid of a USB cable.

Step 3: Select and click the iPhone option in the devices section of iTunes and click on info tab.

Step 4: Select the sync contacts options and specify whether you want to sync all contacts or selected groups of contacts with the computer.

Step 5: Observe the syncing until it is finished and disconnect the first iPhone from the computer.

Step 6: Connect the second iPhone to the computer and follow the same sync contacts option as carried out on the first iPhone and finally click the sync button.

Step 7: Eject the second iPhone from the computer as soon as the sync is completed.