Innocent People Who Tragically Died While Trying To Take A Selfie

3. “Happy” Car Accident

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The new era of selfies is one in which every emotion ends up posted on social media. 

For one woman from North Carolina, it wasn’t enough saying that she was happy. A selfie was needed as proof.

Courtney Stanford died on April 26, 2014, when her car veered across the center of the road and collided with ongoing traffic. The car hit a truck just before flying off the road and stopping into a tree.

Apparently, the woman was listening to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy,” and that distracted her from driving. Should we point out just why selfies are beyond what is considered safe on public roads?

Take a good look at the wreckage and adhere to our theory that selfies are the root of all evil.

via Dinos Mark

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