The Amazing and Intuitive Guide on How to Sync an iPhone to Another PC

How to Sync an iPhone to Another PC?

Are you in dire search of a way to sync your iPhone with another PC and with the aim of not losing any data? In default setting, any iPhone smartphone is always configured to a specific computer for the purposes of browsing the iTunes if you need music and other files. What about when you want to connect your smartphone to a new computer? It is not hard as long as you accept the prompt that asks you to let it connect for the purpose of managing music and video files. This is normally done manually by accepting the prompt via your screen. The good thing about this sync option is that if you are away and your own PC is not available, you can still access your personal data via other computers. Have a look on a quick guide on How to Sync an iPhone to Another PC the easy way;

  1. The first step will obviously be to connect your iPhone to the new PC using a USB cable. iTunes should launch itself and if it does not, do it manually.
  2. There will be iTunes syncing message that will pop up on the screen. Don’t bother about it but just cancel immediately. Why? It just wants to inform you that you had already sync your smartphone to another PC.
  3. In your iPhone screen, click on the “Devices”option and this is found in the iTunes window and thereafter, you should click the “Summary”option. The next thing to do is to click on “Manually Manage Videos and Music” option. This is done by ticking the check box and then click “OK”and this will sync the content in a manual way. Lastly, you nee to “Apply” by clicking that option.
  4. If you want to browse the music files, you will find them on “Music” option which is like a drop down of “library”option.These are your songs which have been stored on iTunes.

The procedure of How to Sync an iPhone to Another PC is that simple and you can disconnect when you are done by unplugging the USB cable from the PC.