“The Bachelor” Chris Soules chooses Whitney Bischoff as the love of his life

Being in love is a completely magnificent feeling. But being engaged to the one you love beats even that. This feeling is currently being enjoyed by Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff who got engaged in front of a massive audience. The most amazing thing about the moment when Chris Soules proposed Whitney Bischoff was that when Chris really went down on his knees and romantically explained the reasons behind him falling in love with Whitney. He also told her that he was glad that she could easily adjust with his family and that’s what urged him to take the final step and choose her as the love of his life.

On the other hand, when Chris was proposing Whitney, her response was worth every second spent on viewing the show. Her face was literally glowing with happiness. She didn’t seem to contain herself from putting on the massive diamond ring presented to her by the love of her life. This delightful moment took place in Chris’s barn that was decorated with amazingly beautiful lanterns that helped in enhancing the beauty of the moment.

All this magic happened in the finale episode of popular reality show “The Bachelor” that was aired on Monday Night. The fans were eagerly waiting for Chris Soules to choose between two stunning beauties Becca Tilley (25) who is a chiropractic assistant from San Diego and Whitney Bischoff (29) who is currently working as a fertility nurse and belongs to Chicago.

The episode ended when the lovely couple shared a dreamy kiss that had all the romantic fools like us to sighing. Though the couple has plans to get married in the future but there are no immediate plans to get hooked up. It seems fair for them as they really should understand each other more outside the reality show and enjoy the feeling of being engaged. After all, we don’t want them to rush the things and regret them later. Do we? Here’s wishing a happy and love filled life to this lovely couple. Hope they have an amazing life ahead.