The Walking Dead: Captivating and Much Awaited Season 6

The walking dead has been an enthralling, captivating and mesmerizing horror/ thriller TV Drama series since the release of season one a while back. The breath taking wonderful series continues to capture the attention of fans across the world as they always enjoy a lot of twists and turn of events in every series. The Walking Dead: Series premier now looks forward to the Season 6 which will come as another amazing round of zombie killers, sadistic slaughters and escaping narrow death.

Season 5 has been one of the mostly contested battles as many of the actors try to use their best of creativity to outdo the walkers as they come in huge numbers baying for their blood. It is an adrenaline flowing series full of suspense, hate and revenge. The director has always been creative to use his masterly of the film skills to come up with action packed series ha carry a certain theme and those that inspire more than any others. The walkers are pushing hard to get a piece of that they claim theirs while the staring Rick Grimes uses, bravery, courage and charisma to protect his people and make sure that they are safe.

As we look forward to the release of season 6, we expect a closer touch of the killer groups of the survivors well known as the Wolves and the Saviors. We all expect to learn more about Paul Monroe aka Jesus leading the people to Hilltop County. The imminent coming of Negan is highly waited by majority of fans. The filming of season is will likely start sometimes in May and it will run up to sometimes in November. The season 6 Walking Dead: Series Premieres sometimes in October if all goes well. It will be highly entertaining and a perfect one that is set to move the events to higher stage of reality.