Tips on How to Export iPhone Contacts to Gmail Via iTunes

How to Export iPhone Contacts to Gmail Via iTunes?

Everyone will always want to maintain their contact no matter if they change their phones or not. Your iPhone could be having an app which contain all your contacts either for home or business purposes. It will not only have phone numbers but also email and postal addresses just but a few. If you want to maintain both of these contacts in your iPhone and Gmail account, you will have to sync your smartphone contacts with that gmail account. Wireless synchronization can be used to link your gmail account and the app containing your contacts or iTunes can also be used. The simple way is using iTunes as you are going to see below.

How to Export iPhone Contacts to Gmail Using iTunes

  1. The first thing to do will be to connect the PC to your iPhone using a USB cable. When you do this, iTunes window will be launched automatically basically because the computer will detect a new hardware device connected to it.
  2. Here, you will have to identify your iPhone through the “Devices”option which is found on the iTunes window on the left side. The next step is to click on “Info” tab so as to open it.
  3. You will then need to tick the check box which has been labeled “Sync Contacts With” and it will have a drop down menu and here, the right selection will be that of “Google Contacts”.
  4. By now, you will see a “configure”button which you will then need to click. Enter you Google account details which are username and password then click on OK button.
  5. The last step will be to click on “Apply” option which is found on the iTunes window. By now, data which is in your iPhone will then be transferred directly and stored in your gmail account.

You will now be free to access all your contacts from your gmail account.