Top 10 Crazy Things About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities on this Earth, the beauty of which can certainly impress every avid traveler out there who boasts of having seen much beauty in his life. But it is also a city that can pretty much shock you with its unbelievable statistics. I bet there are many things you didn’t know about Amsterdam. And in this post we’re going to reveal the 10 craziest things about Amsterdam that will certainly pique your interest.


1. Do you know that Amsterdam has more bikes than people?

Statistics show that there are more bikes than people in the capital city of Holland. On an average, there are around 881,000 bikes in the city while people only 811,000. That is what happens when a city becomes the bicycle capital of the world.

Amsterdam bikes

2. Do you know that the total length of the bike paths is 400 km?

Imagine this, the total length of the bike paths in Amsterdam is about the same length as the distance between the International Space Station and the Earth. How crazy is that!