Top 10 Crazy Things About Amsterdam

9. Do you know that many Amsterdam residents live in houseboats?

These days, there are more than 2500 houseboats used as permanent residences to many locals who find it much more pleasurable and convenient to live in a boat in one of the city’s 165 canals.



10. Do you know that “coffeeshops” are authorized to sell cannabis products?



When you’re there and looking for a place to enjoy a light meal with an indulgent cup of flavorful coffee, choose visiting one of the city’s best “cafes”. Don’t go to “coffeeshops” if you don’t want to end up getting high.

If you’re planning your vacation abroad in the nearest time possible, make sure that you choose Amsterdam as the destination. You’re going to be amazed by the buzz of this metropolis and the many sights of interests which you can visit. And what’s best, it will turn into the adventure of your life because this trip you’re never going to forget!