What is Telegra.ph?

Telegra.ph is a publishing platform that allows publishers to create publications with text and images. Telegra.ph was launched by Telegram on November 23, 2016. All Telegra.ph posts get instant published on web.


When we access Telegra.ph, we will see a blank template with basic information. That tells us where we have to put the title, author’s name and all content of the post. When we enter all contents we also see a “Publish button” in the upper margin of the screen.

In the post we can include text, images, YouTube or Vimeo videos, Twitter links and even links to files / GIFs / photos from Telegram channels.

Telegra.ph uses a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor. It is very intuitive to use. To put a text in bold we just have to select it with the mouse and click on any of the pop-up buttons that it offers us.

Features of Telegra.ph

  • Create new articles and edit them: you can update the cover of the page, the author, the text format and add attachments.
  • Make the text appear in bold, italic, such as a title, an appointment, a link, in the form of a numbered list, etc.
  • Possibility to add photos, videos from YouTube and Vimeo attached to the text.
  • Pageview statistics: each article shows the total number of your views
  • Edit account: it is possible to edit the account name, the author and the link to your profile, as well as use a telegram, but in a more convenient interface.
  • Anonymity: Telegraph allows you to publish articles completely anonymously
  • No ads

How urls Are Generated in Telegra.ph?

When we press the “Publish” button the URL of the post is formed using the title and the publication date of the post in question.

How to Avoid Losing the Editing Permission?

When we go directly to Telegra.ph without having previously logged in, we can edit the publications while cookies exist in the browser . These cookies indicate that this post is yours, but if you end up deleting them you lose the permission to edit them.

Solving this problem is very simple, we just need to create an account for Telegra.ph using the @Telegraph bot . To perform this process we just have to send the command “/ start” and the bot will guide you in its creation.

To log in to Telegra.ph we just have to press the “Login in as …” button and all the posts we believe will appear later in the “My Post” section of the Bot.

Advantages of using the Telegraph Bot

  • It allows you to edit your post
  • You can see the statistics of their visits
  • You can change the author’s name at any time
  • You can create more than one account

What do you think about Telegraph? I guess some of you did not know the importance of the use of the Bot since almost no place talks about it.