What is the Importance of Sex?

Boost immunity

People who mostly engage in sex have high immunity. Researchers in Wilkes University found that those students who had sex at least twice or thrice in a week had a higher level of immunity compared to these students who had no or less sex.

Improves women’s bladder control

To avoid inconsistency, a strong pelvic floor is important. Inconsistency affects about 30% of women in a certain time in their life. Good sex is an important workout for the pelvic floor muscles. An orgasm causes contraction in the muscles therefore strengthening them.

Lowers the blood pressure

Research suggests that sex may lower blood pressure.

It’s a form of exercise

Sex is a form of exercise. It will utilize about five calories within a minute which is a large amount compared to what happens when watching a TV. Additionally, most of the muscles will be involved in the act.