WWE Stocks Crashes After Record-Breaking WrestleMania 31

The trending topic, ‘WWE stock crashes after record-breaking wrestlemania 31’ is hitting headlines all over the world. After Wrestle Mania 31, the WWE stock prices have experienced a downfall of approximately 14%. Wrestle mania 31 was announced the previous day and the response it brought along with it was unprecedented. The number of subscriptions catapulted to a level that has never been seen in the company before.

This year’s event has brought about a lot of excitement among WWE fans but the investors are facing the most difficult time in their investment history. Wrestler Seth Rollins managed to get the heavy weight belt from his rivals Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar after the match that took place on Sunday. The number of fans that were watching and subscribing is what led to the stocks slump. The match had been anticipated by many people and this explains why the subscriptions went up that high. This in fact was the highest number experienced in the history of WWE contests.

The CEO of the company was well pleased with this achievement and went ahead to state that having obtained more than 1.3 million subscribers in one match was a great step and a sign that their strategy which was aimed at ensuring growth and transformation was being executed effectively. According to him, this means that they were on the right track towards meeting their objectives.

The CFO however had a different opinion citing that this could only be a short term victory. He agreed to the fact that the company had a high potential of doing even better in future but his main concern was on the seasonal nature of the subscriptions. This is seen where the fans pay for the subscriptions when there are events such as the wrestle mania and that is just it. During other periods, the cannot rely on the subscription fees.

Image source: Forbes.com